Presented by The Tamburitzans 


America’s longest running live stage production, the Tamburitzans have entertained and delighted audiences of all ages for over eight decades.  Dedicated to perpetuating international cultural heritage, the ensemble delivers a high caliber multi-media showcase.  This season’s ensemble features 29 passionate young professionals in a vibrant and energetic production featuring festive costumes, bold visuals, daring acrobatics, and musical variety for the whole family.


Through music, song, and dance Symbols: Expressions of Culture showcases beauty and brilliance of traditions from around the globe.  Woven as a tapestry of Croatian, Georgian, Nordic, Russian, Serbian, Polish, Irish and Bulgarian cultures, audiences will be transported to folk celebrations through intricate choreography, mesmerizing music, and unique voices.  A memorable experience like no other!


At this time tickets are available for purchase on-line or by phone only.