Through the generosity of various artists and donors, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum’s collection continues to expand and mature. MCA Museum collects, exhibits and cares for contemporary works of traditional media and works on paper. This also includes craft, which is comprised of ceramics, fibers, basketry, metals, wood, glass, jewelry, papermaking and book arts.


Contest 1:  Narratives with Corinne Geertsen

Corinne Geertsen is a digital artist from Mesa, Arizona, who draws from her amassed collection of more than 60,000 photographs to create whimsical visual narratives that span the psychological, the surreal and the humorous. This contest was inspired by Geertsen's second solo exhibition at MCA Museum, The Footnote Chronicles (Sept 2016-Jan 2017), where she invited writers from across the globe to create written stories to accompany her displayed artwork. Members of the community were invited to create stories for Geertsen's Delivering Peace artwork, which is in MCA Museum's collection and was not part of this exhibition.

Winning Poem:

Peace is hopeful on

Fragile wings, rising above war
Despite our efforts

~ Natalie Featherston of Providence, RI



Corinne GeertsenDelivering Peace, 2009. Digital print on archival photo paper, 21 x 31 inches. Collection of Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum; Gift of the artist from her Psychological Sightseeing exhibition, 2011.


CONTEST 2:  Quarantine Stories with Patrick McGrath Muñiz

Born in Puerto Rico and a current resident of Houston, Texas, Patrick McGrath Muñiz is influenced by Roman Catholic iconography as well as Spanish colonial art found throughout Latin America. Patrick’s paintings are satirical narratives that comment on a variety of socially relevant issues, including consumerism, social class polarization, deterioration of the environment, debt and economic slavery. Members of the community were invited to create their own visual story, using items around their household “symbols” to represent their own lives under quarantine. 

Winning Artwork:


Taylor Marshall
(Tempe, AZ)
Quarantine Stories: I Pick Up Hobbies Like Bad Habits, 2020 Photograph

I pick up hobbies like bad habits. I eat out too much. I hoard trinkets and figurines like shiny objects to a crow. I hold onto my loved one like a precious keepsake. I stifle sneezes. In my future I see a T-shirt that reads, “I spent three months in isolation and all I got was this self-inflicted haircut.” In my future I see myself occupying a public space with my teeth bared - maybe I’m smiling, maybe I’m just sucking in air. Maybe you’ll be there, in all your glory, and we’ll be like two familiar strangers meeting again for the first time.



Collection Artwork Sample:



Patrick McGrath MuñizLa Emperatriz, 2013
Oil and metal leaf on panel, 47 x 27 inches
Collection of Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum at Mesa Arts Center; Gift of the artist from his Devocionales exhibition, 2013. 

Is photography allowed?

Photography is permitted for personal and educational purposes with a cell phone, unless otherwise noted. Flash, selfie sticks, tripods and professional cameras are NOT permitted, unless special permission has been retained for PR purposes.


Does Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum accept artist proposals?

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is currently not accepting any unsolicited proposals. Artists can apply for exhibitions and opportunities listed in our Season Prospectus. Artists who DO NOT follow the guidelines outlined in the Prospectus and were not contacted directly by Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum Staff about participating in an exhibition are considered unsolicited artists. Artists who apply for an opportunity and follow the guidelines in the Prospectus are NOT considered unsolicited. Unsolicited materials will be returned without comment.


What does Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum collect?

Mesa Contemporary Arts collects exhibits and cares for contemporary works of traditional media and works on paper. This also includes craft, which is comprised of ceramics, fibers, basketry, metals, wood, glass, jewelry, papermaking and book arts.


What is an acquisition?

Acquisition is a term used to describe new gifts and purchases that become part of the museum’s permanent collection, when the title of an object is transferred and the museum becomes the owner. Accessioning is the formal process used to accept and record an object as a permanent collection work.


How does a museum decide what pieces become part of the permanent collection?

Like most museums, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum has an Acquisitions Committee comprised of staff and other professionals in the art field. For an artwork to be accessioned into the permanent collection, the work must meet the following requirements:

  • Relevant to the museum's Mission
  • Of good quality, superb craftsmanship, and in good repair
  • Legally and ethically acquired
  • With legal title and without significant restrictions
  • Of size and condition that the museum will be able to provide adequate storage, conservation and protection of the work under conditions in keeping with professional standards


How can I donate a work of art to Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum's permanent collection?

To make a donation to the permanent collection, you will need to provide a letter describing your donation, any history you have on the work, and an image. Please email the proposal to or send it to:


Acquisitions Committee

Mesa Contemporary Arts at Mesa Arts Center

P.O. Box 1466

Mesa, Arizona 85211


Once the committee has had a chance to meet, you will be notified if your work meets the requirements and has been acceptance into the collection. All donations are tax deductible.


How does a museum care for the permanent collection?

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum currently cares for over 500 objects in its permanent collection. When a museum accepts a piece, the museum becomes responsible for the proper storage, maintenance, conservation, and documentation of that object. The museum also makes the work available for the benefit of the public. This obligation means that even a gift is not free. Each acquisition places demands on museum resources and requires climate controlled storage and possible conservation in the future.

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is a visual arts exhibition space committed to the presentation, interpretation, collection, documentation and preservation of contemporary visual arts with a special focus on traditional media. Dedicated to presenting exceptional regional, national and international exhibitions, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum provides support and advancement to artists world-wide through solo, group and juried exhibitions while promoting educational opportunities within our community.