Flora and fauna refers to the Western art history classification for plant and animal life, with the exclusion of the human species. From bacteria to large land and sea mammals, this exhibition celebrates nature and its enduring influence in art. While many contemporary artists are instinctively drawn to various environments and the creatures that inhabit them, others are inspired by the climate change discourse and global movement to raise awareness about the human impact on the planet. 

Jean Pierre Arboleda 
Alexandra Bowers
Tiffany Bozic
Kate Breakey
Nikole Cooney
Jimmy Fike

Frank Gonzales

Amy Gross
Naoto Hattori
Yellena James

Ellen Jewett
Zoe Keller
Kane Kokaris
Mayme Kratz
Brin Levinson
Peggy Macnamara
Brian Mashburn
Meadow and Fawn
Josie Morway
Christina Mrozik
Adam Oehlers
Carol Shinn
Michelle Stitzlein
Elin Thomas

Opening Reception: Friday, Sept 13th, 2019 (6-10pm)

FREE and OPEN to the Public!