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Filmmaker and photographer Andy Mann combines his passions with purpose as a voice for the world’s ocean, following scientists to some of the most extreme locations to make imagery that can inspire change. His journey from rock climber to ocean storyteller involves some remarkable detours and misadventures that prove that field science can be every bit as thrilling as the climbing adventures of his past. He has dived alongside crocodiles, sperm whales, and sharks and survived near misses with icebergs — all in pursuit of his goal: to reveal Earth’s incredible ocean environments and advocate for their protection.


Andy Mann is an experienced climber, diver, and filmmaker whose imagery helps tell the story of our rapidly changing planet, documenting scientific expeditions on all seven continents. He is the co-founder and director at 3 Strings Productions and is a founding member of the Sea Legacy Collective with Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier. He now spends more than 100 days each year at sea documenting cutting-edge marine science.