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Photographer Babak Tafreshi has spent his career documenting the unbelievable beauty of the night sky and working to connect people through the shared experience of simply looking up. From the Milky Way to the animals that come out after dark here on Earth, experience visual stories of wildlife, humanity, and the cosmos.


National Geographic Explorer Babak Tafreshi is a photographer and cinematographer who merges art and science through visual stories. Tafreshi created The World At Night program in 2007 with the message of One People One Sky and has been directing its team of photographers in approximately 30 countries. He received the 2009 Lennart Nilsson Award, the world’s most recognized scientific imaging award at the time, for his effort to reconnect humanity with the natural world using night sky images. He has been a National Geographic contributor since 2012, and he is a 2022 National Geographic Society Wayfinder Award recipient.