Presented by Mesa Arts Center

Part of the Mirage Summer Music Series


Box Office Hours: TUE-SAT 12P-5P


Morphia Slow is a four piece project fronted by Allene Dugan, a lyricist and visual artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. Her songs conflate unrequited love with sadomasochism, find identity in the crevices of mountains, and reveal the tender capabilities of an unreliable narrator. She refers to her genre as Folk-Murder-Pop, pulling inspiration from traditional folk songs with the added hyper awareness and angst of a new generation. Allene’s vocals rupture through with a staggeringly strong powerhouse alto. The band delicately backs these songs; creating lazy sways and driving climaxes. Morphia Slow occupies a sonic space that would fill the largest venues reserved for rock royalty of the past, but maintains the intimacy and vulnerability of their “bedroom pop” contemporaries.