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The folk singer will tour in support of ‘No Mans Land’, his forthcoming album that features an all-female cast of musicians and focuses on the lives of female historical figures.


"The record is, first and foremost, a piece of story-telling – a history record, if you will, a pretty traditional folk approach. I didn’t actually set out to write exclusively about women. In the beginning I was just toying with various stories that felt interesting to tell (and I was keen, after my recent records, to write about something other than my own life and feelings for a while). Now, clearly, there is an implicit politics in the fact that, in telling lesser known stories, I’ve ended up singing about women, and I’ll stand behind that, for what it’s worth. But my initial interest was in sharing some stories that I didn’t know before, and that I suspect most people didn’t."


Frank Turner: No Man’s Land includes two sets: Frank Turner solo and then unplugged with The Sleeping Souls.