Project Description:
We would like to celebrate your creativity as we practice social distancing! For the next four weeks, artists (18+ and over) from across the United States are invited to submit one artwork created while under quarantine per week. Submissions will be collected via email and posted publicly in a Mesa Arts Center Facebook album and shared over social media. Mesa Contemporary Arts (MCA) Museum staff will select one piece from the submissions to be featured in a virtual exhibition on the museum’s website. Arizona entries will have the added opportunity of possibly being showcased for a one-month installation after MCA Museum’s reopening.

Submission Process:

  • Email your submission to:
  • Entries must include:
    • Artist’s Full Name
    • Artist’s City and State
    • Contact (if different from message email)
    • Artwork Title
    • Artwork Medium
    • Artwork Size


  • Artists 18+ yearsin the United States and all mediums are welcome!
  • Artwork must be created while under quarantine. Artists may be asked to prove this by suppling a process photo with the TV news, newspaper or an online article in the background.
  • Only one work will be accepted per artist.
  • Artists can submit one new artwork for consideration each week.
  • If Arizona artists are invited to display in the museum’s lobby, it is the artists’ responsibility to deliver the artwork to the museum. All wall objects must be ready to hang and will not be accepted without a proper hanging device in place.
  • MCA Museum and Mesa Arts Center reserve the right to refuse any work and delete offensive content.


  • Thanks to an anonymous donor, we are able to provide cash awards to winners.
  • One winner will be selected each week to receive a $100 Visa gift card via email.
  • Artwork by Arizona winners will be considered for display in the museum’s lobby, when the museum reopens*
  • If selected for display, Arizona artists will receive an additional $50 Visa gift card via email.*
  • Director’s Choice:  At the end of the fourth week, Mesa Arts Center’s Executive Director will select one work from the four weeks (not already selected) for one final $100 Visa gift card via email. Winning announcement will be made on Mon, Aug 24th!

* If no Arizona artists are selected, these awards will not be given.


  • First Artwork Submission Deadline: Mon, July 27 (midnight Pacific Time)
    Juror:  Tiffany Fairall, Chief Curator
    Winner Notification / Announcement:  Fri, July 31
    Winner: Larry Richardson (Valencia, CA), Angel of Life

  • Second Artwork Submission Deadline: Mon, August 3 (midnight Pacific Time)
    Juror:  Frank Gonzales, Exhibits Designer and Preparator
    Winner Notification / Announcement:  Fri, August 7
    Winner: Ash Kleczka (Tucson, AZ), Sometimes I Can't Breath for the Fires Inside

  • Third Artwork Submission Deadline: Mon, August 10 (midnight Pacific Time)
    Juror:  Colette Pecenka, Curator of Exhibitions and Education
    Winner Notification / Announcement:  Fri, August 14
    Winner:  Kyllan Maney (Phoenix, AZ), This Happy House

  • Fourth Artwork Submission Deadline: Mon, August 17 (midnight Pacific Time)
    Juror: Judy Dahms-Brouillard, Registrar
    Winner Notification / Announcement:  Fri, August 21
    Winner:  Daniel Greene (Mesa, AZ), Gargoyle

  • Director’s Choice Deadline: Mon, August 17 (midnight Pacific Time)
    Juror:  Cindy Ornstein, Executive Director, Mesa Arts Center; Director, Arts & Culture, City of Mesa
    Winner Notification / Announcement: Mon, August 24
    Winners:  Jesse Berlin (Tucson, AZ), The Damaged 2 and EPIK Dance Company (Phoenix, AZ), Better Days, Dance on Film with music by Simply 3.