From homemade protest signs to propaganda posters, artistic activism is a powerfully persuasive tool intended to raise awareness and elicit action on social and political issues. Just Cause brings together 14 advocate artists from across the United States, who use their art to civically promote a cause or inspire social change. Through a variety of mediums, the featured artwork provides provocative commentaries on some of today’s most pressing issues, including homelessness, civil rights, social justice, gender inequality, climate change, immigration and civic liberties.


Russell Biles (Greenville, SC)
Christian Black (Los Angeles, CA)
Aaron S. Coleman (Indianapolis, IN)
Sarah Conti (Boise, ID)
Jennifer Ling Datchuk (Tempe, AZ)
Michelle Erickson (Hampton, VA)
Patrick Earl Hammie (Champaign, IL)
Joshua Keyes (Portland, OR)
Kris Kuksi (Lawrence, KS)
Annie Lopez (Phoenix, AZ)
Narsiso Martinez (Long Beach, CA)
Jacob Meders (Phoenix, AZ)
Gabriel Garcia Roman (New York, NY)
Alexi Torres (Atlanta, GA)


Opening Reception:  Saturday, October 7, 2023 (7-10pm)

  • Exhibiting Artists in Attendance
  • Musical Entertainment by DJ This Just-In
  • Light Refreshments and Cash Bar

FREE and OPEN to the Public!