A popular theme with artists today is the exploration of alternate universes outside our perception of reality. Like Alice’s journey to Wonderland, these surreal landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them serve as windows into realms that feel familiar but are twisted to reveal new perspectives. AltRealities brings together artists whose work alludes to the possibility of other worlds that exist beyond our own, even if they are only imaginary.


Jennybird Alcantara

Jean Pierre Arboleda

Carrie Ann Baade

Rebekah J. Bogard

Victor Castillo

Bill Dambrova

Matt Dangler

Naoto Hattori

Travis Louie

Stan Manoukian

Caitlin McCormack

Scott Musgrove

Nathan Ota

Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins

Matthew Smith

Jeff Soto

Jaime “Germs” Zacarias

Friday, Sept 8th, 2017 (6-10pm)

Season Kick-Off: The Good, The Bad and the Weird!

Activities on Mesa Arts Center Campus: 6-10pm

  • Outdoor Concert by El Vez on Alliance Pavilion Stage, 8-10pm
  • Hot Rod and Custom Car Show
  • Food Vendors and Cash Bar
  • And More!

FREE and OPEN to the Public!