This new body of enameled sculpture contains objects gifted to a larger than life persona — a muse. This bawdy and joyful goddess embraces life to its fullest and grabs a bit more when she gets the chance. These oversized gifts are particular to her feminine and robust tastes. A thorny rose bouquet, a string of fabricated pearls, a huge, metal-caged cupcake are offerings to her many lusty appetites. An amalgamation of found objects and fabrications produces an unconventional yet decidedly feminine design and palate. The expanded scale and the rusted patinas are a foil against the delicacy and lushness of the enamel surfaces.


Opening Reception:
Friday, May 25, 2012 (7-10pm)

FREE and Open to the Public

• Musical Entertainment by JT’s Island Steel
• Artists in Attendance
• Benefit Raffle Drawing (Raffle items on display and tickets available for purchase starting Friday, May 18. Contact Betty at 480-644-6567 for more information or visit Mesa Contemporary Arts’ front desk.)

• Light Refreshments and Cash Bar