First Impressions is the first retrospective exhibition that showcases all the prints that have been part of the Mesa Contemporary Arts Annual Print Calendar in the last five years. Featuring artists from across the country, the prints, range from relief prints to screen prints as well as etchings to lithographs. The exhibition also features the jurors who made the selection choices each year: Joe Segura, Kathryn Maxwell, John Armstrong, Brent Bond and David Manje.

Artists Include:

Farhana Shifa Ahmed
Jo Andersen
Alexis Anderson
Morgan Anderson
John A. Armstrong
Lynne Avril
James Bailey
Carol Balyozian
Lillian Barker
Charles Barth
Gary Barton
Caroline Battle
Brent Bond
Richard Brouwer
Mary Bruns
Ione Citrin
Claribel Cone
Ste Duggins
Bob Erickson
Nathan Feller
Sandra Fernández
Julius Forzano
Gloria Gaddis
Ehren Fritz Gerhard
Bev Beck Glueckert
Stephen Glueckert

Sheila Gritte
Jana Harper
Diana Hartley
Aimee Hertog
David A. Higgins

Tim High
Dave Hoppe
Linda Ingraham
Lynwood Kreneck

Marlys Kubicek
Melinda Laz
Jessica Li
Sandi Long
Francisco Lopez
LeRoy Lottmann 

Eileen M. MacDonald
Matthew McLaughlin
David Manje
Barbara Mason
Kathryn Maxwell
Matt Mays
Mark McDowell
Aaron Miller
Kimiko Miyoshi
Brooke Molla
Megan Moore
Gabriela Muñoz
John Randall Nelson
Tom Ortega
Joseph Ostraff
Crystal Gale Phelps
Kathryn Polk
Jenny Robinson
Mike Scheef
Gretchen Schermerhorn
Katherine Sheehan
Brett Schieszer
Joe Segura
Mary Shindell
Flo Sickman
Keely Snook
Michael Stevenson
Marilyn Szabo
Jennifer Tancreto
Janet Towbin
Kay Tuttle
Sam Tuttle
Agnese Udinotti
J. Gibran Villalobos
Verónica Villanueva
Patrick Vincent
Christopher (Dolan) Weatherford

Sarah Whorf
Wendy Willis
Melanie Yazzie

Anthony J. Zeh

To learn more about the Annual Print Calendar and to purchase the 2014 edition, please click here.

Thank you to all the artists who made this fundraiser possible!


Opening Reception:
Friday, February 14, 2014 (7-10pm)

FREE and Open to the Public

• Musical Entertainment
• Artists in Attendance
• Light Refreshments
• Cash Bar