Featuring the new work of Arizona artists Carolyn Lavender, Monica Aissa Martinez and Mary Shindell, this exhibition focuses on the imagery that not only distinguishes each artist but ties them together, just like the ecosystem of our planet. Lavender’s latest drawings depict woodland creatures in constructed landscapes and individualized portraits of various animal species, capturing not only their likeness but inferred personalities. Through her introspective drawings and paintings, Martinez explores the complexity of the human form and gender issues. Shindell’s mixed media sculptures, drawings and prints represent the intricate textures seen in plant forms and other organisms. You can take part in the artists’ process by visiting their blog at http://formalandinformal.wordpress.com/ .


Carolyn Lavender, Monica Aissa Martinez and Mary Shindell are 2012 North Gallery proposal winners.


Opening Reception:
Friday, January 25, 2013 (6-9pm)

FREE and Open to the Public

• Musical Entertainment

• Artists in Attendance
• Light Refreshments and Cash Bar