Even with the emergence of the digital age, books are considered tangible artifacts that preserve our literary culture, and oftentimes, are revered as works of art themselves. This exhibition challenges the traditional purpose of books by transforming them into the mediums behind extraordinary three-dimensional sculptures. By physically altering their appearance, the artists have bestowed each book with a new life and meaning.

Featured Artists:
Doug Beube
Long-Bin Chen
Melissa Jay Craig
Casey Curran
Brian Dettmer
Liz Hamman
Andrew Hayes
Guy Laramée
Jacqueline Rush Lee
Dan Mayer
Alex Queral
Isaac G. Salazar
Mike Stilkey
Julia Strand
Margaret Whiting


Opening Reception:
Friday, May 9, 2014 (7-10pm)

FREE and Open to the Public

• Musical Entertainment
• Artists in Attendance