Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum (MCA) is pleased to announce its Sixth Annual 10 x 10 Benefit Show & Sale, which features the work of more than 100 artists from Arizona and beyond. Participating artists were asked to create an original work (2-D or 3-D) of art in keeping with the 10 x 10" theme. The competed pieces will be on display at MCA from Oct 3-12 and sold at the reception on Oct 10. Each piece will be available for $100. Budding artists 18 years of age and younger were also invited to customize a 5 x 5 inch canvas, which will be sold for $25 each. First come, first pick! Doors open at 6pm sharp! All proceeds benefit MCA exhibitions and educational programs. 


Participating Artists:

LaDonna Adair
Zayan Ahmed
Farhana Shifa Ahmed
Lisa Albinger
James Allred
Emily Anshen
Jesse Armstrong
Bret Atherton
Aselynn Ball
Susanna Beatty
Ciara Bernal
Paul Biniasz
Sandy Blain
Edda Blume
Marsha Blumm
Guido Bondioli
Kyle Braund
Lee Brown
Jean Ann Brown
Adriene Buffington
Deborah Butterfly
Emily Caldera
Susan Canasi
Angela Cardoso-Silva
Anne Marie Carrington
Claudia Castro
Tanya Chakravarty
John Chakravarty
Jason Chakravarty
Annalisa Chakravarty
Shawn Chakravarty
Noelle M. Champagne
Eric J Chapman
Raiyan E. Choudhury
Steven Ciezki
Ava Ciliberti
Anne Coe
Claribel Cone
Ashlee Craig
Sarah De Jesus
Rebecca DeFord
Jo Ellen Delcoure
Stevie Denny
Reanna Diehl
Kay Emig
Kathleen Escobedo
Jeff Falk
Linda Fitzgerald
Michelle Frazer
Martha L. Germano
Margaret Gluhman
Dain Q. Gore
Amy Haggard
Derk J. Harron
Marla Hattabaugh
Denis Alan Hubert
Nora Huckabee
Keith J Imes
Rachael Jacobsen
Jerry Jacobson
James Jeffries
Miruthula Jegadesan
Mary Ann Jeschor
Karen Jilly
Mazzy Johnsen
Tammy Johnsen
Steve Jones
Michelle Kako
Richard Kelly III
Thomas Kerrigan
Larron Lerdall
Madeline Linsley Smidt
Tonia Litchy
Laurence M. Loew

Annie Lopez
Sandra Luehrsen
Sharia Maisha
Deshawn Malone
Kris Mamzamares
Kyllan Maney
Linae Manuelito
Cheryl Martin Zimmermann
Randy Martinez
Angela Masker
Lyn Matthew
Kylyn McCarty
Debra McKee
Deborah McMillion Nering
Izayah Mendez

Al Merino
Cynthia Miller
Ritu Mohan
Daniela Moneta
Sharie Monsam
Chinue A. Moore
Danielle Mora
Mary Myers

Rick Naimark
Mary Nash
Laurie Nessel
Deidra Nietz
Zofia Nowicki
Linda Parker
Lani Paul
Emily Penrod
Alan Pobanz
John Randall Nelson
Matt Rayman
Julian Restrepo
José J. Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez
Emiliano Rodriguez Dorantes
Madelyn Ruiz
Holanda Salinas
Niamh Salvani
Loraine K. Sample
Pradhym Sathishkumar
Alicia Short
Jonathan Sinica
Roberta P. Smith
Brandi Smith
Melody Smith
Papay Solomon
Nicole Stahl
Charlene Stant Engel
Loralee Stickel-Harris
Gwendolyn Stine
Genie Swanstrom
Lisa Takata
Tennille Tejeda
Taylor Teselle
Misty Rain Tsosie
Suzanne Tyson
Nicholas Urwiler
Greetje van den Akker
Clare Verstegen
Erika Vogt-Nilsen
Shirley Wagner
Elsie Walter
Miah Weaver
Ashley Weber
Sue Weil
Ethan Weiss
Marcia Wenbert Weller
Zakery Whitfield
Larry Willis
Paula Wittner
Derrick G. Wood


Reception & Sale: Fri, Oct 10, 2014, 6-8pm

- $10 per person at the door

- MAC Bronze and Silver Members (and one guest) get in free and 10% off their entire purchase. MAC Gold Members and above receive 20% off their entire purchase.*

- Sweet treats will be served


Unsold artwork will remain on display and available for purchase through Sun, Oct 12th!


For Participating Artists:

- All artwork is due Sept 19 by 5pm (Late entries will be held over for the next year. No exceptions!)
- Please have completed form along with work
- 2-D work must be 10 x 10 "; 3-D work must be contained to a 10 x 10 x 10" format
- Budding artists 18 years and under are invited to customize a 5 x 5 canvas
- Artist who contribute one piece receive 20% off their entire purchase and two donations receive 30%
- Participating artists (and one guest) get in free


* Become a Member today!

 Call Matthew at 480.644.6615


Thank you to all the artists for their generous contributions and for making this fundraiser possible!