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Content provided by i.d.e.a. Museum


Bring the Art of the Story exhibition to your learning environment!  This virtual guided tour program provides all of the elements of an i.d.e.a. Museum exhibition guided tour: virtual tour of art exhibition, artwork viewing and discussion, 5  “stops” with hands-on activities including an art-making activity,  interactive video presented by our Gallery Educators, and materials and supplies you will need. Program is aligned with AZ Academic Standards. Access the program content.

Content provided by Arizona Museum of Natural History


Kits that contain fossil replicas and artifacts available for check-out, enabling you to bring the Arizona Museum of Natural History to your classroom. Kits will contain a mix of objects, along with background information and inquiry-based activities for your students to complete. Access the program content. 


Content provided by Mesa Arts Center


Mesa Arts Center is pleased to celebrate Día de los Muertos — virtually! Día de los Muertos is a celebration of Latin American Art and culture related to the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. This virtual education guide will provide learning opportunities for your students to learn more about Día de los Muertos complete with activities and videos. Access the program content.

Two children painting on a canvas

Content provided by Arizona Museum of Natural History


Join the Arizona Museum of Natural History’s Curator of Paleontology, Dr. Robert McCord, as he takes your class on a tour of Dino Hall. The video will connect to several standards for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade while highlighting unique pieces in our gallery and collections. This tour can be used as a standalone experience but was also designed to serve as an introduction for our Dino Hall Gallery Resources (class lessons and activities). Access the program content. 

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Content provided by Arizona Museum of Natural History


Dinosaur Teeth and Diets introduces students to some of the dinosaurs featured in Dino Hall at the Arizona Museum of Natural History, taking a closer look at their teeth to learn how dinosaurs survived during the Mesozoic Era. Resources include educator background information, a pre-recorded lesson plan, activity video and worksheets and activities. All materials align to 3rd grade Arizona state science standards. Access the program content.  

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Content provided by Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum 

Art activities that tie in with selected artworks-art standards main focus. Access the program content. 

Child doing ink printing activity

Content provided by Mesa Arts Center


Recycle your trash into a beautiful art installation for your home. Choose to complete one or all four of these simple art activities as a class or family. These art activities provide the perfect opportunity to discuss and learn more about 2D & 3D shapes, colors, desert climate, and recycling. Access the program content. 

Paper art  of cacti