Nathaniel Jack Greene

Susan Bendix, PhD 

Alex Kohli

Erin Magorian

RuthAnne Greer

Renee Aguilar

Deven Williams



E. Main St.

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AZDragoneers is a group of dedicated artists, engineers, designers, performers and musicians, bringing enriching cultures both familiar and foreign to the Quetzalcoatl, a flying serpent legend and mythos of empowerment through transformation.


AZDragoneers will install a white, blank dragon puppet surface in the Mesa Art Center courtyard and provide the tools, materials and education for the public to contribute to their own unique example of a transformational representation. Performance of the puppet will occur at regularly scheduled intervals. The public will be invited to participate as performers as well. The final performance will be considered the completed representation of the prototyping, design and construction developments made throughout the event by the local community and are intended to represent the desires and ideals of the shared community with respect to transformation.