Mesa Arts Center, owned and operated by the City of Mesa, is a unique, architecturally stunning, international award winning facility located in the heart of downtown Mesa. Arizona's largest arts center is home to four theaters, five art galleries, and 14 art studios. Guests, patrons, and students come to Mesa Arts Center to enjoy the finest live entertainment and performances, world-class visual art exhibitions, and outstanding arts education classes. The facility is an architectural showpiece and a destination for visitors to the Phoenix area. Mesa Arts Center mission is to inspire people through engaging arts experiences that are diverse, accessible, and relevant.


Mesa Arts Center is a top rated destination for Things To Do in Mesa by Trip Advisor.





Tom and Janet Ikeda Theater 

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Proscenium theater. 1600 seats.

Orchestra, Dress Circle, Parterre, Mezzanine and Balcony levels



The beautiful canyon-inspired interior of this theater seats up to 1,588 patrons on three levels. The auditorium has been designed with adjustable acoustics to accommodate a variety of musical presentations from symphonies to jazz quartets to soloists.







Virgina G Piper Repertory Theater

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Proscenium theater with modified thrust. 550 seats.
Orchestra and Balcony level



Known as "The Garden Theater" for its layering of subtle tones of green color, this theater features up to 550 seats on two levels. The auditorium has been designed to bring audiences as close as possible to the stage, creating an inviting, intimate experience.






Nesbitt/Elliott Playhouse

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Proscenium theater. 200 seats.
Orchestra level and gallery boxes. Raked stadium-style seating.



Featuring a colorful design and steeply-raked seating for clear sightlines, the whimsical design of this theater provides a playful atmosphere for 200 patrons. 






Anita Cox Farnsworth Studio Theater

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Black box theater. 99 seats.
Flexible seating configurations.



This "black box" theater measures 1,600 square feet, with a capacity of up to 98 people. The Studio.

Theater can be configured for theater, cabaret, receptions, meetings, and exhibitions.

Concessions at the Mesa Arts Center are open one hour prior to the start of the show and remain open to the end of intermission. Cocktails, beer, wine and soft beverages are available, also a variety of candy and snacks for you to enjoy.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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