Thanks to a generous grant from The Boeing Company, Mesa Arts Center is launching Arts in Service, a program that will provide creative pathways for veterans and active duty members to use studio arts experiences in reaching their personal goals, whether those are finding a supportive community, stress relief, working toward overall health and wellness, or pursuing career interests in art-making. 


Studio art classes will be made available for free to veterans and service members. Interested participants can register for any of the six classes listed below at no cost. Questions? E-mail about any of these opportunities.

FREE Studio Art Weekend for Veterans and Service Members

Friday, May 25th
5pm Welcome Dinner (Downtown Mesa)
6:30-8:30PM Arts Engagement Session 
with Arts Integrative Therapy (Mesa Arts Center)

Saturday, May 26th
9:00AM - 4:00PM (Lunch Included) 

Sunday, May 27th
9:00AM - 1:00PM (Snacks Included)

Your participation for the entire weekend is required, so be sure you are able to come for the full weekend of engagement before you commit. 
Registration is limited and on a first come, first served basis so call now!


TO REGISTER: Call 480-644-6500 and choose from the following options: 

Jewelry – Glass Flameworking – Printmaking – Welding 





“The Art Retreat at Mesa Art Center was such a needed event for me. To experience a new way to channel my anxiety into something positive was very precious to me. I am still picking up the drawing supplies when I feel overwrought, and I still talk with Gwen Stine, my instructor. This is one of the few veteran events that was up my alley, as I'm not really into sports. Thank you for allowing me to participate!” –Participant, retired USAF




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