Snail Mail Project

The CC Snail Mail Project is our way of creating human connection during a time where that sometimes feels challenging. Anyone can add their name to the list and receive a piece of art in the mail that was made just for them. It may be poetry, a painting, a sketch, abstract, realist, surrealist, but it is sure to put a smile on your face. 


This project is planned and executed by Creative Catalysts, a program of Mesa Arts Center, creating programming that is planned for and by the community. All artists are volunteers who have dedicated their time and skills to make art for the community. We are also so excited to be partnering with Mesa Arts Center Volunteers, as well as Mesa Public Library and City of Mesa Volunteers to take this project to the next level! Ready to sign up? Fill out the form below and you’ll automatically be on the list. 


*Keep in mind that all art is made by a human in response to your submission. These humans may or may not be professional artists, but they are all creative individuals who care. Give it some time to make it to your mailbox, it will be worth the wait.*

So you want to make art? Awesome! There are two ways for you to get involved, 1. Make art in response to those who request it, or 2. Make art that we are collecting to be distributed to the more isolated individuals in our community. No matter your preference, you can sign up to make art and get all the details in the form below. 


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