Presented by Mesa Arts Center as part of the Performing Live Series


EarFilms arrives in Mesa to showcase their 3D cinematic audio experience. Your ears become your eyes, as blindfolded audiences are taken on a lifelike, vivid journey into their imagination using an advanced 3D speaker system, live storytelling and and state of the art sound design.

‘To Sleep To Dream’, their award-winning debut feature length film, has toured throughout the world and is coming to Mesa Arts Center.

Each show is followed by a Q&A where audience members can explore and share their individual experiences with each other and the EarFilms team. After the show you'll be invited to 'The Imaginarium’, where you can record, draw or describe their experience of the show and can see interpretations of the worlds and characters from other audience members imaginations from around the globe.


"Filmmakers are only ever projecting their own imaginations. EarFilms allows the viewer to use their own. Yes, the attendees are actually blindfolded as they experience cinematic storytelling with 3D sound to create a minds-eye movie of their own.“ Source Magazine