Sam Ogden

Macy McKenny



E. Main St.

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Wayward Beasties Art Car


Wayward Beasties is an experiential vehicle made up of a giant turtle with a mouse riding on its head. Simon's shell will provide a warm comfortable intimate space inside, as well as an elevated vantage point from up top to see your surroundings, while Finkle's lantern will light the way to your next adventure! 


With all of the wandering these two do, Simon the Turtle is ALWAYS hungry... and Simon's a turtle with a very special diet... MOOP! (Matter-Out-Of-Place aka trash, litter, refuse, garbage, etc) A MOOP-hungry monster, Simon will happily gobble up bottles, cans, feathers, cigarette butts, and any other stray bits you have to feed him! Not only will he transport wayward wanderers, Simon provides a friendly way to Leave-No-Trace! FEED THE TURTLE!


Wayward Beasties and the rest of the Turtle Team will spend the duration events cleaning up trash and encouraging participants to do the same. With our giant shiny turtle car and mouse guide, we hope to encourage environmentalism and the principle of leave-no-trace in Mesa, the greater Phoenix area, and beyond!