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Tapas: Breath and the Beat


Awareness of the patterns in your breathing are powerful. The drum and voice are the  two oldest instruments and date back to the dawn of human civilization. “Tapas: Breath and the Beat,” seeks to bring these universal and ancient concepts to the forefront of our awareness in an effort to foster an open dialogue through the illustration of that which connects us all - the rhythms of life itself. 


"Tapa,” is the primary percussive surface of a cajon. A cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument with 6 sides. One side has a sound hole cut into the back and the front is the “tapa.” Utilizing this percussive instrument as a physical “voice,” the installation visitors are invited to play this instrument by first tapping the rhythms of their breath, then their heartbeat, followed by any other emergent performance. A series of digital/physical interactions connect two remote cajones and human participants to create a hybrid rhythmic portal.