Madison Strakele

Nick Althouse

Ryan Fickenscher



W. Main St.

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Noodle is an exciting and colorful project aimed to liven up one of the underserved alleyways of downtown Mesa. The concept is comprised of an undulating tunnel created with a series of colorful varying archways. Festival-goers can walk through the tunnel to gain passage from Main Street to Pepper Place, encouraging them to explore the entirety of the downtown area.


The organic and flowing form of the tunnel is intended to contrast the static grid of Mesa’s downtown infrastructure. As one travels through the structure, they must weave through the curving form and at times crouch down, engaging them physically while stimulating them mentally. Additionally, the arches can be rearranged in various ways to create new passageways and distinct forms which makes the project modular and relocatable. 


Using pool noodles serves a dual purpose, as both a fun multi-colored material for the arches and a commentary on suburban Arizona living. Growing up in Phoenix, some of our fondest memories revolve around swimming pools and the respite they grant from the harsh summer months. These positive associations from childhood are immediately recalled by the ubiquitous pool toys, and intentionally the structure encourages playtime as part of the prototyping fair’s desire for a “creative playground.”