Lenika Rivas

Rachel Collay

Angelica Williams

Alyson Hulet

Anna Mohr Almeida Katie Clontz

Alan Rivas

Bailey Smith



S. MacDonald St.

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Mesa Speaks Stage


The Mesa Speaks Stage is a raised platform stage framed in reused, welded metal with recycled mosaic around the edges. The mosaics, made from reclaimed glass and tiles, will spell out what makes Mesa such a vibrant community, with words like “imagine,” “innovate,” and “listen.” These words invite citizens to take the stage and express themselves. 


As a backdrop, the raised platform stage will have a chalkboard with space for ideas, art and community contributions. The open platform stage invites anyone to express themselves as they walk through downtown. The intention of the open space is to build a sense of community in Downtown Mesa, and enhance the character of the surrounding communities by demonstrating innovative ways people can interact.