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E. Main St.

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Interactive Canvas Project 


Those passing by the Mesa Arts Center will have the opportunity to interact with a digital kiosk and blank canvas on Main Street. From the kiosk, a visitor can take a portrait with friends and family or paint a digital picture, which is then transmitted to a projector casting the image onto the large canvas canopy hanging overhead. During the day the canvas structure will provide shelter from the sun, and at night comes to life with color and imagery.   


The Interactive Canvas will be a place people go to gather, connect and communicate ideas in a public setting. The project will give a playful character to the site; encouraging students, resident artists, visitors and the public to share their expressions through interaction, activating downtown Mesa. This is also an opportunity to display local artifacts, flora and fauna, as well as way-finding for out of town visitors. The additional lighting from the illuminated canvas creates an inviting environment and allows the people to exhibit their own creation, mural, poem, or even a selfie.


Contribute your work! 

Everyone is invited to participate in and contribute to the Interactive Canvas Project! Share your art work to any of the following to be included: 


Text: (520) 428-4535