Nicholas Chen

Stephanie Cheng

Susan Harden

Matt Klyszeiko

Madison Roberts

Jenna Tourje

Scott Waltenburg



S. Macdonald Alley

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From a Different Lens


From a Different Lens is the use of virtual reality to display different design scenarios for the north/south alley between Main Street and the service alley directly south of Main Street. The idea has two main components:


  • To show potential improvements that can be made to the alley to activate this space and use it to create connections to and unexpected experiences within downtown Mesa.

  • An opportunity to see how this alley (and public spaces in general) would be perceived and experienced differently by people with different physical capabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) created a standard making sure all places are “accessible” to people with physical handicaps, but here's a chance to go a step further using design principles to exam how places are actually “experienced” by all different types of users. Understanding what elements make public spaces comfortable and inviting for everyone is the first step to attracting more consumers into the downtown area.