Flamenco for Older Adults- Angelina Ramirez | Artistic Director/Founder - Flamenco Por La Vida


WHERE: Mesa Arts Center- 2nd Floor Studios

REGISTER: engagement@mesaartscenter.com


One of the beautiful things about flamenco is that it is open to everyone regardless of age, nationality, gender, body size, or bone structure. If you have the drive and the passion, you can learn it. Flamenco welcomes dancers of all shapes, sizes, and ages. In fact, it is the popular belief that flamenco gets better with age. The traditional view is that it takes an older dancer to have the emotional maturity to deliver an authentic performance. Flamencos call this duende. 


Duende is the soul of flamenco. When we age, we have life experiences to tell. This class guides you to tell your story through movement, song and dance using the mystical language of Flamenco. No Experience Necessary!


Registration Limited: 20