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I'm A Dabbler

by David Crummey | January 9, 2017


I’m a dabbler. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, doodle, write, take pictures, garden, cook, eat, design things, build things, break things, fix things, paint, perform, make models, or anything else that I’ll try at least once -- if not on and off for the rest of my life. The only art forms I’ve spent much time practicing have been photography, acting when I was younger, and writing. Everything else has been more about experimentation or using whatever artform or tool is out there to help me get one of my myriad projects completed -- or at least started.

That’s why I’ve loved the activities offered through the Arts Center through Creative Catalysts. For example, I’ve never been much interested in learning watercolor for myself. It’s always seemed difficult and not my sort of thing -- but a fun evening exploring the artform, led by a master, mixed with music and a polite beverage or two? That is my sort of thing -- and certainly an event that stands out in my memory. An evening learning watercolor basics. Another getting some hands on experience with ceramics. Another learning printmaking. All short events, all in a fun, easy-going atmosphere and with a beer or glass of wine? Those are all definitely my thing. I look forward to the next opportunity to sample another artform. Take another dabble in the arts. Maybe I’ll learn a passion or maybe appreciate an artform more. Maybe I’ll just have a great time with friends new and old. Either way, I’ll continue to dabble, and hope another opportunity comes my way.


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