C L A S S I C A L   M U S I C   I N S I D E   O U T 

Turning classical music “inside out” Guest Artistic Director, Zuill Bailey leads engagements with students and community to inspire love and appreciation of classical music.


Z U I L L   I N  S C H O O L 
These “informances” will provide a dynamic Concert 101 experience for your students, as renowned cellist, Zuill Bailey guides them through classical music, movements and concert-going etiquette. These 45-minute assemblies are available to tour to your school or community center.
SEPT 27-29| OCT 25-27 | FEB 14-16 | APR 10-13


F L A S H  B A C H 
Don’t miss out on these FREE concerts as one of the premiere cellists in the world, Zuill Bailey gives a pop-up performance of Bach compositions!  Want to be a pop up spot? Are you a community center? Library?   Let us know!


C L A S S I C A L   C L I N I C S 

Zuill Bailey | Cello | SEPT 27-29| OCT 25-27 | FEB 14-16 | APR 10-13
Navah Perlman| Piano | FEB 14-16
Johns Hopkins University/Peabody Institute of Music – Young Artist Development Series | APR 10-13