Creative Catalysts


We are Creative Catalysts. A movement by and for the community offering opportunities through the arts to get social and be involved. Creating connections, catalyzing change, and sparking creativity in everyone -- it's what we're all about. 

The Collective

 Leadership + Creativity = Your new superpower.

Creative Catalysts, an initiative of Mesa Arts Center, offers The Collective, an experiential leadership program that uses creativity to activate leadership skills and enhance community practice across sectors.

The Collective approaches traditional leadership topics through creativity, helping participants to gain an understanding of leadership styles, the power of failing forward, creative problem solving, collaboration, intention, and implementation of community practice. Participants apply learning in a culminating community project, wherein they will develop and implement an idea that demonstrates leadership ability within their community.

So why creativity? Have you ever dipped a French fry in ice cream? It’s surprisingly great, right? (For those of you who have not, please stop reading and try it. We’ll wait.) Adding a creative lens to professional training sounds odd, but once you take that first bite – you understand the dynamic that’s been missing. And it’s wonderful! Let’s explore how the application of creativity goes together with impactful community leadership.

The breakdown:

  •  Accomplished leaders from a variety of different industries will facilitate learning and discussions.
  • Visual and performing artists will lead hands-on creative experiences.
  • Participation in community projects will exercise examples of theory in practice.
  • Final team projects will provide real world implementation of what has been taught.
  • A focus on personal growth will allow participants to apply lessons in ways that are meaningful and immediate in both personal and professional situations.

Intrigued? Hold tight, more details and registration info to come!





 Creative Catalysts is supported by a generous grant from the Flinn Foundation.