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Please Note: The summer program scheduled for 2019 has been postponed until further notice. Visit for more information. 


Join us for the learning experience of a lifetime! With BILLY COBHAM and the ART OF THE RHYTHM SECTION coaching team: Dom Famularo, Fareed Haque, Paul Hanson, Tim Landers, and Scott Tibbs, PLUS SPECIAL GUEST COACHES RANDY BRECKER AND LEE OSKAR!



Our team of world-class coaches will help you grow your artistry and teamwork as a Rhythm Section musician or Educator!





REGULAR PRICE: $1,500 (AFTER APRIL 30, 2019)



You'll Discover How To:

  • Gain and build trust between yourself and your colleagues during any performance
  • Stay in sync with yourself so that you can control what you play through your instrument while receiving information from your colleagues in the Rhythm Section.
  • Keenly listen in performance, interpret what is offered by your fellow players and offer effective musical ideas in return.
  • Control tempo by learning to control your inner metronome or body clock to provide yourself a sense of security during performance.
  • Present a more harmonious musical character through heightened awareness.
  • Remain in control of syncopated musical ideas within the performance.



New! Daily Feel-Good Sessions with Billy Cobham and the Crosswinds Project Band, Dom Famularo and special guest coaches Lee Oskar and Randy Brecker, PLUS:

  • Interactive lectures
  • Break-out groups and rotations with each coach
  • Lively Discussions
  • Video analysis
  • Playing exercises
  • Nightly Jam sessions

Special Saturday night performance on 7/20 at 7:30pm with Billy and the Crosswinds Project Band at the beautiful Mesa Arts Center with special guests Lee Oskar and Randy Brecker





BILLY COBHAM - Master drummer and percussionist, composer, producer, educator, clinician and creative visionary who gives service through music as he constantly expands his personal creative expression. The Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat is the culmination of Billy’s life’s work.
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Learn the finer points of working as a cohesive unit in the Rhythm Section with jazz fusion pioneer Billy Cobham, along with Paul Hanson (bassoon, sax), Fareed Haque (guitar), Tim Landers (bass), Scott Tibbs (keys), global drumming ambassador Dom Famularo PLUS Special Guest Coaches RANDY BRECKER AND LEE OSKAR!




Your Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat Attendance includes a Concert Ticket to an Incredible Performance!


Included in your registration for the Billy Cobham Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat is a ticket to The Billy Cobham and CROSSWINDS PROJECT performance on Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 7:30 pm in the Piper Theater at the Mesa Arts Center, with SPECIAL GUESTS RANDY BRECKER AND LEE OSKAR.



The Retreat is a transformational, immersive learning experience for drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, and woodwind players, focusing on helping rhythm section musicians play more effectively as a cohesive unit. Join us for this rich, unique experience!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER




  • We will be using the Billy Cobham Real Book for reference/playing during the Retreat, and ask that all participants obtain this book in advance to become familiarized with the material before the Retreat. Participants will receive a special discount on your receipt after registration.




Billy Cobham's Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat



If you're an advanced student, educator, or high-intermediate to highly advanced level of musician, this program is for you! For optimal participation in this program, you need to have a good command of your instrument, from at least a high-intermediate to a highly advanced level, plus a basic understanding of how to collaborate with one another in the Rhythm Section, in terms of presenting a musical statement as a group. While it's not required to read music/sight read, it would be helpful, but not necessary.


Please note: This program is not intended for beginner to basic-intermediate musicians. This intensive program is chiefly about how to interpret, translate and react to the musical ideas presented. Billy and our coaching team will be working with you, and are not there to be judgmental personally or over-critical. This is a fun and supportive learning environment where everyone learns together from the immersive experience.


We look forward to seeing you there!







Billy Cobham's Rhythm Section Retreat 2018

Start date: 7/14/19
End date: 7/21/19
Last day to book: 6/21/19

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • Phoenix Marriott Mesa  for $89.00 USD  per night

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