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Give the gift that keeps on giving and share your love of Mesa Arts Center with friends and family.  Personalized membership cards will be sent to the recipient along with information about Mesa Arts Center's many programs. This thoughtful gift supports the arts in our community and makes a great gift any time of the year.


To purchase a gift membership, contact 480-644-6615 or






Crescent Crown Distributing     Corporate Patron Level
Empire Southwest   Corporate Patron Level
Farnsworth Companies   Corporate Patron Level
Bennett Property Management   Corporate Friend Level
Rayhons Financial Solutions   Business Advocate Level




Grant and Carolyn Baecker               Janet Ikeda
Frank and Barbara Bennett   Dr. Ruth Tan Lim
Dr. Ed and Carrie Carlson   Vernon J. Mathern
Ken and Jan Dowlin   Ruth Nesbitt
Michael J. and Deborah Elliott   Steve and Amy Ostwinkle
Michael Flatt   Bill Passey and Maria Silva
Joanie L. Flatt   Michael Schwimmer and Jackie Schenkein
Annie Hsu and Juan Carrillo   Jo and Don Wilson
Mike and Marcie Hutchinson    





Hal Bass               Timothy Kelsey
Virginia Berg   Zyg and Sharon Kwasnica
Anthony and Marilyn Brucato   Stephen and Sally Lisle
Skip and Peggy Carney   The Late and Beloved Edward Mack
Jack and Marlene Chareton   Mr. and Mrs. William Naumann
Jerry and Janet DeLand   Tom and Chris Rhodes
Cliff and Marilyn Douglas   Dr. Ralph and Marilyn Wilson
Pearl Hintz   Steven and Mary Jo Tretta Zachary
Stacy Holmstedt