Be a part of building our creative community! Creative Catalysts is an initiative of Mesa Arts Center founded in the belief that the arts not only build our social fabric, providing vibrancy and personal enrichment, but are critical ingredients for the community and economic development. After one year, Creative Catalyst has made great strides in experimenting with ideas for building a creative community. YOU can get involved as the initiative continues to grow by designing, testing and assessing the initiative and its projects. 



We are the community who lives, works, learns and plays in Mesa. We share a vision of downtown as a place built by and for creative people - a place where there are frequent opportunities to support, create, and uplift the arts and creativity. We like to have fun as we plan events as well as support our local businesses, our arts organizations and others who are passionate in our community. We are friends, coworkers, neighbors, family, and, if we’re doing it right, an ever-expanding group that includes you.

A creative community is a place and group of people where creativity is central to the ongoing growth of our city. It is a space that feeds and gives opportunity for those who wish to get out, break the monotony, meet people, have conversations, and make things. It is a community that supports those individuals, groups, organizations and businesses that work to build the next Mesa -- our Mesa.

There have always been creative and artistic people and events in Mesa’s Downtown. We believe that to build the community we want, we must actively pursue, support and make happen those things that support the future our of city. Whether we’re attending a show at the Mesa Arts Center or the Nile, a gallery opening in someone’s backyard, or having a drink and some great food from a local restaurant, we know that if we want a community that values creativity and the arts, we must show our support.



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Creative Catalysts is supported by a generous grant from the Flinn Foundation. 


**Artists and community members of all ages are welcome, but the focus of this initiative is to build the leadership of the under-40 population. We invite you to participate in all of our free events, however, our event packages and discounts are limited to our 40 and under members.**


Easy Like Saturday Morning Brunch

Mar. 31 - Aug. 25, 2018
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For Makers Trying To Make It