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Well Fed Artist Workshops

by Jen Gastelum | January 9, 2017


We did it. We successfully created six monthly workshops targeted to makers (you know who you are, all you people who make things, you creative rascals you) on topics that help them to create a successful business doing what they love. The first six workshops in the Well Fed Artist Workshop Series gave you a splash of content in areas like getting paid, branding yourself, collaborating, and building a business.

With the amazing attendance we saw and the feedback we received, we determined another six workshops was the logical next step. So, prepare yourself. Starting in February, every 3rd Wednesday of the month, the Creative Catalysts will be bringing you 2 hour workshops that give you a chance to network with your fellow creatives and to learn about a topic that you might need some guidance on. So keep your eyes peeled for our rollout, and get excited about learning how to make a budget, how to manage your time, creative placemaking, how to build a website, networking & communicating, and how to social media.

Plus, SNACKS.  

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