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February 13, 2017

There have been hints of changes around the bend for the Creative Catalyst group. Hints of mission statements and innovative new programing approaches. It may have crossed your mind that we are lacking the manpower to implement any of these changes. And you’d be right, if it was just one person heading up volunteers and programs and structure and strategy… we’d be drowning before we began! Alas, that is not the case anymore! And I am so ecstatic to be introducing you all to the lovely Lies’l! Imagine a real life version of The Little Mermaid, and then imagine that Ariel attended school for music, spent three years in NY stacking her resume with teaching and performance experience, and that Ariel cannot only sing like an unnaturally talented being, but also plays the piano, violin, ukulele, and guitar. We are so lucky to have that person that you just imagined in your head on board the Creative Catalysts ship (which I like to imagine is probably more like a pirate ship with rainbow colored sails and a unicorn mast that sales around the Valley and spreads paint and sparkles everywhere).

Lies’l will be assisting with a lot of the projects and events we’ve created already, and will be spending some energy developing skill building opportunities for the next generation of

arts leaders. We are beyond excited to have her skills, her majestic hair, and her energy helping us take CC to the next level, so when you see her, give her all of the high fives. *AND HUGS, DUH*

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