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@MesaArtsCenter Tickets for our 2019-2020 Performing Live Season are on sale now! https://t.co/fqaiANGG8e https://t.co/8nLkOVNM7d
@MesaArtsCenter Tune in and unwind at May’s spark at dark: In the Zen, this Saturday, May 18th from 8-11PM. Enjoy a yoga experience… https://t.co/Mi6Q1fH11C
@MesaArtsCenter Arts in Service is a program that provides creative pathways for veterans and service members. Please join us on Fr… https://t.co/Qqj8SDoBVs
During an interview, French playwright Françoise Sagan once stated that “art must take reality by surprise”;
As spring break approaches, many of us are wondering how we’ll keep the family busy and entertained. Mesa Arts Center has
The Mesa Arts Center’s midseason brochure has arrived and the performances and special events scheduled for the